JEWELLERY CARE:  Wear with flair, wear with care.

Jewellery is a uniquely personal form of expression.  It can however be exposed to a variety of situations by the wearer.  

Be discerning about when to wear jewellery.  Certain activities such as swimming, gardening, home renovations, mountaineering, aeronautical engineering, welding, scuba diving and performing mechanical repairs to your classic Mini, Monaro or Mercedes can harm jewellery!  

Please remember to remove jewellery if undertaking such tasks.  It is also best to remove jewellery if in contact with abrasives, chlorine, salt-water, household cleaners, bleach, vinegar, turpentine, etc.  Even diamonds can be diminished by such contact. 

Please use the Last On First Off rule.  Always apply haircare products, perfume and cosmetics before putting on jewellery. Gemstones and acrylics may be susceptible to such products and organic materials particularly so, including pearls.  Wipe pearls with a soft cloth to remove perspiration and lotions, etc.  Avoid storing pearls in plastic.  Some plastics contain chemicals which may harm their lustre.            

Some sterling silver pieces in our collection are oxidised producing a dark lustre.  Silver cleaners and cloths etc may diminish this finish and should be avoided in order to maintain the blackened effect.

If sterling silver of a bright finish requires cleaning use a silver cleaning product such as silver foam, dip or polish.  Even mild soap and water with a small soft brush may be suitable.   

Cleaning in these ways may not be recommended if your sterling silver jewellery contains other materials.

Silver benefits from being stored in a cool, dark, dry place in order to counter the effects of sun and air.


To ensure your new artwork resides happily with you please consider these suggestions:

√ avoid direct sunlight - delicate materials may fade, discolour &/or warp

√ place your artwork in a stable environment - away from heat, moisture & dampness

√ use a secure hanging system suitable for the weight and size of your new artwork

√ clean most artwork with a feather duster or micro fibre cloth - avoid moisture

The information provided here is intended as a general guide only.

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