Diane will be exhibiting Natural Asset #2  and Not Negotiable in the Handmark group show Celebrating Landscape, 2 - 19 July, 2021.

Fake Muse #1  by Diane is a finalist in the 2021 Women's Art Prize Tasmania.  The work consists of nine different Vogue fashion magazine covers, gridded and hand cut into 5940 individual pieces.  These tiny cells, assembled by hand, form a reinvented, pixelated cover which has increased nine fold: a new “super” model.  It explores notions of beauty and representation in the media.

Diane's artwork Not Negotiable is a finalist in the Milburn Art Prize for Landscape, 2021 in Brisbane.  The work explores the Kunanyi/Mount Wellington cable car debate in Hobart.  Diane has used recycled business stamps and inks to depict this iconic mountain.

Patrick's kinetic artwork Of Fallen Angels based upon the archaeopteryx fossil is a finalist in the 66th Blake Art Prize.  The 2020 Prize will be at the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre,  13 February – 11 April, 2021.

Incomplete Disarray on at Handmark, Hobart 9-26 October, 2020.  This solo exhibition by DIANE includes collage, photography and monoprints.  

DIANE states of the exhibition, "Incomplete Disarray is a response to a world awash with information.  Each day we are flooded with imagery, text and sound at an increasing rate.  We encounter a vast array of issues often in a matter of seconds.  Our emotions swing wildly as we flick our way through fragments of data - from the global pandemic to lip glosses, from environmental collapse to a new range of nail polish, from political turmoil to fast food ads.  The social media feed is a “meal” of endless courses. It is a book we can never finish - we cannot  close the cover and place it back on the shelf. Instead social media is a scroll - a scroll without end.  The pressure to keep up is unrealistic and the orchestrated perfection that is often portrayed is unattainable.  This body of work asks us to pause and reflect upon the nature of information, to question its context and motives, to ask if these constructs and perceptions are accurate.  We can be left wondering if we measure up to these airbrushed ideals.”

PATRICK is part of the Melbourne Art Fair in
June 2020 with Despard Gallery.  This move to
an online art viewing room is in response
to the current COVID-19 situation.  
Melbourne Art Fair has been rescheduled
for February, 2021. 

Stay safe.

Handmark's Summer exhibition is on from
13 December 2019 - 14 January, 2020.
DIANE will be exhibiting
her collage artwork Torn Edges.

Excited to be exhibiting with Stanley Street Gallery
for the first time. DIANE is part of the exhibition
The Art of Giving 4 - 21 December, 2019.

The Affordable Art exhibition is on at Handmark
and includes Rip Tide by DIANE. Exhibition dates
15 November - 9 December, 2019.

DIANE is exhibiting "On the Horizon" a large scale
collage landscape at Handmark Gallery's group show
"Works on Paper", 27 September -14 October, 2019.

A DROP IN THE OCEAN by DIANE is part of the Handmark
group exhibition "Celebrating Our Landscape",
19 July-12 August, 2019.


View on HALLISON Studios on VIMEO
or click on the Artist Video Series
menu item here on the site.

Patrick discusses the concepts behind his body of work
If They Should Accidentally Fall and reads texts
from his "Preachers" in this new series of artist videos
produced by HALLISON Studios.
A big thank you to Madfinch

PATRICK will be taking If They Should Accidentally Fall
to Sydney Contemporary 12-15 September, 2019 with
Despard Gallery - Booth A02

PATRICK will be exhibiting If They Should Accidentally Fall
a new art installation at Narryna Heritage Museum
part of this  year's Dark MOFO.  The exhibition opens
7 June and  concludes 29 June, 2019

DIANE is exhibiting Every Two Minutes - an artwork 
highlighting issues around domestic abuse at the group 
exhibition Women's Word 28 June - 7 July, 2019

DIANE is excited to be a finalist in Tidal.18 at the
Devonport Regional Gallery opening 2 November
2018 - a biennial exhibition which explores themes
connected with coastal regions and the sea

DIANE is exhibiting two works in Dear Kunanyi
an exhibition celebrating the beloved
mountain: Kunanyi/Mt. Wellington
opening 6pm, 8 August, 2018 at The Long
Gallery, Hobart. Exhibition ends 12 August, 2018

DIANE will be exhibiting photography at Brunswick Street
Gallery in the group show Emerge: Photographic
Edition, 25 May – 10 June 2018 

PATRICK is a finalist in the 2018  Blake Art Prize
12 May – 1 July at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre

DIANE's artwork Body of Water is a finalist in the
2018 Glover Art Prize

PATRICK will be exhibiting a new body of work, with
Despard Gallery, at Sydney Contemporary
7-10 September, 2017

The inaugural Hadley's Art Prize - the world's richest
art prize for landscape, is now on in Hobart until
25 August, 2017.  Landscapes by both PATRICK & DIANE
are amongst the 41 chosen from a field of 385
artworks from across Australia

DIANE's latest solo exhibition, Quaver, is on in
June 2017 at Handmark, Hobart. The exhibition of
music inspired jewellery will be opened by the wonderful
and generous musician Brian Ritchie

DIANE's artwork Opium Drift is a finalist
(and Highly Commended) in the 2016 Waterhouse
Natural  Science Art Prize
 at the South Australian
Museum. The exhibition also travels to the
National Archives of Australia in Canberra

PATRICK's major immersive art installation The Cloud
consisting of over 1000 suspended, lit, ghostly spirit bottle
faces, audio and rain of tears will be appearing at Dark MOFO 2016

The official launch of PATRICK's art book,
When My Heart Stops Beating on at 
The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.
This limited edition book is available from
HALLISON Studios RRP $235

TMAG has released the video
In The Making: Things I Make
online.  In this video Patrick shares insights
into the making process, concepts behind his
work and discusses the Museum's
commissioned "carts".

PATRICK discusses the TMAG's survey exhibition 
Things I Once Knew: The Art of Patrick Hall and launch 
of the When My Heart Stops Beating art book in
an interview with Michael Cathcart on ABC Radio
National's arts programme. Books and Arts.
Listen in here... 

"I didn't want to open MONA without a Patrick Hall work."
- David Walsh.
Things I Once Knew: The Art of Patrick Hall survey 
exhibition catalogue is now available online at 
Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG)

Things I Once Knew: The Art of Patrick Hall survey
exhibition, from 20 March -30 August, 2015 at
The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery brings
together works by Patrick spanning his
30 year art  practice

Opening by friend and writer Richard Flanagan.
Click here to view Richard's speech.

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