"Its probably true for a lot of makers but each exhibition feels like the first, because in a way each one is. It has to be. You build on past works and ideas but it needs to be new. So for me, if that mild degree of terror isn't there, if it gets a little too easy, then something's wrong."  Diane Allison, 2013.


Diane Allison's involvement in the arts stems from her professional and personal relationship with fellow artist Patrick Hall. Since 1990 they have often worked in tandem, contributing to, and sometimes collaborating on, each other's projects. In 1998 Diane established her jewellery studio after studying Jewellery Design at TAFE Tasmania.

Diane's art practice is based in contemporary jewellery but has extended to public art and speculative exhibition and installation pieces. Her works often suggest a degree of fragility in both their aesthetics and concept and touch on quite fundamental human vulnerabilities. As Diane comments, "We are our own islands in a common ocean. Each of us is a fragile vessel, a capsule...". Di's larger work sees her sometimes take, as the artist states, "... a jeweller's aesthetic or approach of using smaller components and upscale it and see where it leads. In past works I've enjoyed playing with scale making some necklaces several metres long. I have [also] used pill capsules... I'm drawn to the jewel-like, bead-like quality they hold. For some of us they are such a fundamental part of each day. They are so small and fragile but wield such importance - they can literally be little life preservers, sitting along side a glass of water like a displaced life buoy."

Diane has exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions including Quaver, 2017 [Handmark Gallery], We All Fall Down, 2013 [Handmark Gallery]; Dis-covery, 2011 [Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart]; Tender Hooks, 2011 [Handmark Galley, Evandale]; Online (fishing), 2010 [Plimsoll Gallery, Hobart]; Facture, 2008 [Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Hobart]; Island of Inspiration, 2008 [Metalab, Sydney]; Singular & Multiple: New Jewellery from Tasmania, 2008 [Henry Jones Art Hotel, Hobart; Craft Victoria, Melbourne and Curiocity Gallery, Singapore]; Making Relations, 2006 [C.A.S.T., Hobart]; Design Island: Contemporary Design from Tasmania, 2004 [Sydney Opera House, Object Gallery, Sydney and Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery, Hobart]; Eve’s Tears, 2002 [eg etal, Little Collins St, Melbourne] and Love’s Debris, 2000 [Handmark Gallery]. Diane’s work has also been featured at Sculpture Objects Functional Art [SOFA] in Chicago with Despard Gallery.

Diane was a finalist in the inaugural Hadley's Art Prize in 2017 and has exhibited as a finalist in the Glover Art Prize for landscape in 2014, 2015 & 2018.  In 2007 Di was commissioned to design and make the State of Tasmania's official gift for Princess Isabella of Denmark. Her work has been collected by the Tasmanian Museum Art Gallery and the Clarence City Collection. Diane is also represented in various private collections.

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