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Limited Edition Photographic Prints by Diane Allison 

“Photography can distill time and bear witness.  Photography’s ability to possess an instant and allow that fragment of time to hover perpetually before us comes with an inherent authority and perceived certainty. 

But what may appear to be a truth can in fact be a moment masquerading as truth.   Photography can break apart time and disrupt a narrative. The story or stories are now disjointed and half told.  The photographic image is pulled away from its “before” and from its “after”.  The viewer now not only looks upon what has been captured but also at what was not.  The photographed “truth” gives way to uncertainty and speculation - an unrevealed narrative.  We are no longer presented with a “beginning” nor an “end”.  What we are left with is the implicit truth of the unsaid.”  - Diane Allison, 2018.


Conceptual & Figurative

Landscape & Nature

Urban & Architectural

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